Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Microsoft Monitor: What Is Wallop's Punch?

I guess WPF/E didn't make it in time...  Read the full post for more Wallop details. 

Wallop's approach is unique from the MySpaces of the world, and this uniqueness is both compelling and disconcerting. Uniqueness numero uno is Microsoft, which is a Wallop financial and technology backer. Wallop licenses technology developed by Microsoft Research, which is celebrating its 15th anniversary.

Another uniqueness is Flash. Unlike the plethora of HTML-based social networks, Wallop uses Adobe's Flash to create fluidity, motion and, well, neatness. Wallop sites (hereafter referred to as Wallops) are refreshingly clean compared to the garish pages socialites post on some other social networking services. Individual Wallops are cleanly laid out, with content above the fold (or scroll). The approach allows for much cleaner navigation than some other social networking sites, where too much important stuff (how about "friends") is accessible only by scrolling the browser window.

Source: Microsoft Monitor: What Is Wallop's Punch?

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