Monday, September 18, 2006

The Coming Dramatic Decline of Youtube - Blog Maverick

More Mark Cuban perspectives 

What is it about that has made it so successful so quickly ? Is it the amazing quality of user generated content ? Is it a broadband fueled obsession with watching short videos ?
No & No.


Take away all the copyrighted material and you take away most of Youtube's traffic. Youtube turns into a hosting company with a limited video portal. Like any number of competitors out there that decided to follow copyright law

Youtube, we hardly knew you.

Meanwhile, in today's WSJ, "YouTube, Warner Music to Share Revenue in Advertising Agreement":

Video site YouTube Inc. plans to announce today an agreement to share revenue with Warner Music Group Corp. for online advertising that appears alongside Warner Music's own videos and consumer-created content that incorporates its music.

I'm inclined to agree with Mark Cuban.

Source: The Coming Dramatic Decline of Youtube - Blog Maverick

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