Thursday, September 14, 2006

Coming Zune (Seattle Weekly)

Happy Zune day -- apparently Microsoft is going to officially introduce Zune today.  Excerpt from a related article (via  Microsoft Watch):

In its quest to catch up to iPod, however, Microsoft has hired an army of musical savants. Like Winn, many on the Zune team come from recording labels, radio stations, or other music companies. They include KEXP DJ Kyle "Kid Hops" Hopkins and Chris Stephenson, another British expat who worked as an MTV vice president in Europe and as marketing head for House of Blues, the L.A.-based chain of clubs and concert spaces.

The visionary behind Zune, however, is a native Microsoftie—J. Allard—probably the one man at the company whose hipster credentials are unassailable.

Read the full article for more on Allard and his role (in Zune, Xbox, and other stuff).

Source: Coming Zune (Seattle Weekly)

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