Tuesday, May 10, 2005

WSJ.com - Yahoo to Unveil Music Store

WSJ.com - Yahoo to Unveil Music Store: "Yahoo Inc. on Wednesday plans to roll out an aggressively-priced online music service, in a bold move to undercut rivals and win consumers over to a music subscription model in which they rent songs rather than buying them outright.
The new service, dubbed Yahoo Music Unlimited, will give individuals unlimited access to over a million music tracks for $6.99 a month, or, alternatively, for $60 a year. The service, which also lets users transfer the songs to select portable MP3-format music players, is priced far below rivals' services: RealNetworks Inc., for example, charges $179 a year for its comparable subscription service.
Beyond pricing, Yahoo is offering links to its other services, such as instant messaging, and giving users extensive ability to share their music. Yahoo says its service, which includes free software similar to Apple's iTunes jukebox, will allow subscribers to see what songs friends have on their computers, and listen to their friends' tracks if the tracks are part of Yahoo's catalog. Rival services let users share music playlists, but individuals can't always hear the songs unless they own them.
Yahoo Music users will also be able to buy tracks under the traditional download model, with fees of 79 cents per song for Music Unlimited subscribers and 99 cents for nonsubscribers."

Sign me up, if:
1. It works seamlessly with Windows Media Player
2. Songs I "rent" are playable on all PCs on which I save my Yahoo credentials (that way I'll be able, e.g., to use Groove to sync the music files on my desktop and laptop PCs)
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