Friday, May 20, 2005

Dr. Chadblog: microsoft winning the DRM wars?

Dr. Chadblog: microsoft winning the DRM wars?: "Hm, looks like Yahoo is using Microsoft DRM for their new service. Russell Beattie explains below, but basically its clear that Microsoft and Apple are pretty much repeating the OS wars in the DRM space. Thats not to say Microsoft is guaranteed a win, but if they license their DRM for embedding in other consumer electronics and cable systems in the same way they're doing for MP3 players - which you can damn well expect they will - well, then, they'll have Hollywood and everyone else who wants to sell music and movies over a barrel. Its actually kind of humorous, and its still better than the cell phone carriers who have choked the life out of cells as a viable platform for small developers in their zeal not to let Microsoft or anyone else gain a toehold in providing services to their subscribers."

Read the full post. Then check assumptions -- why, for example, do most people appear to still assume Microsoft will go out of its way to abuse relationships with music and other entertainment producers? Isn't there a remote chance that, e.g., Yahoo! decided to use Microsoft's PlaysForSure technology because it was their most effective option?

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