Tuesday, May 03, 2005

WSJ.com - Tweaking Google

WSJ.com - Tweaking Google: "The Internet has turned up a spate of new Web sites that strip advertisements from Google's pages, attach snapshots of sites to search results and plot online real-estate listings on Google maps -- and Google Inc. has had little to do with any of them.
The services were developed not by the search giant's engineers in Mountain View, Calif., but by enterprising Web users with a bit of programming moxie. Many are hobbyists who design the tools for fun, then realize others might find them handy and give them away. Some are companies looking to make a buck by riding on Google's coattails. Still others are critics trying to draw traffic from the search giant's site. Officially, Google frowns on the services, but it rarely goes after the people behind them."

Includes some interesting site snapshots.
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