Thursday, May 05, 2005

Speakeasy spreads wireless Net over central Seattle

Speakeasy spreads wireless Net over central Seattle: "When the Space Needle opened in 1962, it was supposed to serve as a symbol of life in the 21st century.
Forty-three years later, Seattle's most recognizable landmark is living up to its original mission as a conduit for one of this century's most promising communications technologies.
Today, executives from Speakeasy, Intel and Alvarion will announce that they have placed equipment on top of the 605-foot needle that will beam wireless Internet signals over a 5-square-mile area of Seattle. It is one of five high points across the city where the companies have set up antennas and radio equipment -- creating what Speakeasy calls the largest and most dense wireless broadband deployment of its kind in a metropolitan city.
Speakeasy will charge $800 per month for connection speeds that are twice as fast as a T1 line. A 1.5-megabit wireless connection -- the equivalent of a T1 and about 30 times faster than a dial up modem -- will cost $500 per month. "
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