Wednesday, May 04, 2005 BEA to Triple in Size BEA to Triple in Size: "According to Alfred Chuang, Chairman and CEO, BEA plans to triple in size over the next three or so years, going from a one billion dollar company to three. For a large well established company this is an aggressive target; so why does he think it can be done?
The simple maths are that BEA is about 10% of the total Application Infrastructure market and intend to increase that share, but that is a market which is not growing at a rate that will provide the tripling effect. He sees the real growth coming from a new market sector called Service Infrastructure. The prediction for this sector is that it will be twice the size of Application Infrastructure within three years; if BEA gets its 'rightful' share of this sector that will enable the tripling in size."

Interesting "all other things being equal" projections, but...
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