Tuesday, September 07, 2004

WSJ.com - Marketing Chief At Samsung Departs for Intel

WSJ.com - Marketing Chief At Samsung Departs for Intel "Early this year, Samsung marketing chief Eric Kim said that such spending had met the goal of building awareness for Samsung products. The next step, he said, was to persuade people to seek out Samsung products when they shop for electronic gadgets and appliances. Despite all its progress, particularly in cellphones and TVs, Samsung lacks a signature product like Sony's Walkman or Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod.
"To be loved, we have to affect our consumers' emotions," Mr. Kim said in February. For help in doing that, he launched the ad-agency review in April.
But late last week, Mr. Kim resigned to accept the post of vice president of marketing at Intel Corp., the chip maker that itself is trying to push into new product areas, say people familiar with the matter."

Lotus alum Eric Kim to become VP mktg at Intel.
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