Wednesday, September 01, 2004 - Apple's iMac Is No Longer the Core - Apple's iMac Is No Longer the Core "Computers still remain Apple's key revenue source, but the company's business and product strategy has since evolved away from the iMac. Indeed, sales of the computer peaked in the quarter ended in late December 1999.
Apple now relies heavily on its portable laptops, such as the iBook and PowerBook, which formed more than 50% of the company's computer revenue in its last quarter. Graphic designers and other professionals favor high-end models, such as the Power Mac G5, which are easy to upgrade with accessory hardware.
Mr. Joswiak also acknowledges Apple is "obviously a very different company" today than at the iMac's inception. At the height of the iMac's popularity in 1999, more than 700,000 units of the computer were sold a quarter, but sales have since leveled off at around 250,000 units a quarter. In the last quarter, the iMac was just 11% of Apple's revenue, making it the smallest sales contributor out of the company's computer portfolio."
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