Wednesday, July 07, 2004 - 36% Of Computer Software Worldwide Pirated - Indus Group - 36% Of Computer Software Worldwide Pirated - Indus Group "Of all computer software installed worldwide last year, 36% was pirated, costing the industry $29 billion in lost revenue, an industry alliance said Wednesday.
The problem is worsening, in part because of increased file-swapping over the Internet, said Jeffrey Hardee, Asian regional director for the Business Software Alliance, backed by industry giants such as Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) and International Business Machines Corp. (IBM).
Detailed year-on-year comparisons aren't available because the alliance has broadened its data to include software on servers as well as personal computers, he said. Earlier surveys looked only at business software.
Three of the top five countries with the highest incidence of pirated software were in Asia, Hardee said, naming China (92%), Vietnam (92%) and Indonesia (88%). The others were Ukraine (91%) and Russia (87%)."
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