Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Red Hat alums try new Linux angle | CNET

Red Hat alums try new Linux angle | CNET "A group of former Red Hat employees have formed a start-up called Specifix that aims to lure customers who have customized software needs their former employer couldn't accommodate.
"We're trying to build a model for Linux that lets people do customization and tailoring of the operating system," said Specifix co-founder Erik Troan, who joined Red Hat in 1995 when it had four or five employees, and had risen to vice president of engineering and, later, director of marketing.
Specifix's chief executive and other founder is Kim Knuttila, who worked at Cygnus, a company that Red Hat acquired in 1999. Troan left Red Hat in 2003, and Knuttila left in 2002.
Also among the company's 10 employees is Matthew Wilson, who will discuss Conary at the Ottawa Linux Symposium that runs July 21 through 24. Michael Johnson, who started using Linux with version 0.02 and left Red Hat early in 2004, has also joined Specifix.
No hard feelings, Red Hat Chief Executive Matthew Szulik said. "I think that's great. There are more people creating open-source start-ups. Those are good guys, and I wish them nothing but the best."

Uh, if you say so...
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