Monday, July 26, 2004 / Business / Technology / Updating the appliances / Business / Technology / Updating the appliances "Give Len Kawell 20 points for chutzpah. His company, Pepper Computer, is developing a low-cost, lightweight, easy-to-use Internet appliance.
Remember Internet appliances?
Like personal jetpacks and decent cellphone reception, they're one of those visions of the future that never seem to arrive. Tiny little outfits like Oracle, 3Com, America Online, and Gateway have all tried to launch Internet appliances aimed at making it easy for non-nerds to surf the Web and send e-mail. Each failed miserably, and the devices were withdrawn from the market within a matter of months.
Enter Kawell and Lexington-based Pepper, with a device called the Pepper Pad, which debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. The current prototype is about half the thickness and weight of a typical notebook computer, and noticeably more rugged."
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