Monday, July 26, 2004 - BEA Tech Guru, Once of Microsoft, Jumps to Google - BEA Tech Guru, Once of Microsoft, Jumps to Google "Google Inc. recruited a top technology executive from BEA Systems Inc., giving the Web-search powerhouse additional clout in its looming battle with Microsoft Corp.
The executive, Adam Bosworth, 48 years old, was responsible for several key projects at Microsoft before leaving to launch Crossgain Corp., a start-up software company that was acquired by BEA in 2001. He served as BEA's "chief architect" and helped the San Jose, Calif., company broaden its offerings of tools used by companies to build Web-based applications.
A BEA spokeswoman said Mr. Bosworth's departure would have little impact on the company's products and plans. Still, the defection is at least a symbolic blow to BEA. The company continues to lead International Business Machines Corp., Microsoft and others in the market for "application servers" that power Internet services. But license revenue has been falling, and its limited success in extending its product line has helped cause BEA's shares to drop from a high of $15.50 in September to $6.32 each Friday on the Nasdaq Stock Market."
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