Monday, July 05, 2004

Ray Ozzie, CEO, Groove Networks

Ray Ozzie, CEO, Groove Networks "Q: Is Groove Notes done right?
The contrast mostly is that Notes, besides being e-mail, was a collaborative infrastructure for within the firewall in global enterprises. It never served outside contractors. Groove was fundamentally born as an Internet application into a world of cooperating companies.
Q: It seems like few organizations took advantage of the collaboration features in Notes.
Some enterprises, particularly the ones that started early, used both e-mail and collaboration. And some have even stopped using e-mail but retained the collaboration functions; some use just the e-mail. The primary value people got and continue to get is rapid application development. You could build applications very quickly to deploy to multiple people within the organization. Notes might have frustrated people, but it solved the issue of replication very definitely.
Q: How is the Linux port going?
We've put it on hold. We had it demo'ed at our launch event in late 2000, but we put it on ice. There's not the customer demand on this point in time."

Via Groove's company blog
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