Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Enterprises Slow to Dump IE

Enterprises Slow to Dump IE "The calls to dump Internet Explorer may be getting louder, but they are falling largely on deaf ears among enterprise users.
IT managers and users say that while the rash of security flaws associated with IE has drawn new attention to its vulnerabilities and has led some individuals to switch browsers, enterprises are reluctant to change browsers because of their reliance on IE-specific intranet applications and Web sites.
Microsoft is promising to beef up security in IE with the forthcoming Service Pack 2 update to Windows XP. In fact, many of the current woes would not occur if SP2 were already in use.
"We know that all of the recent attacks in the past 12 months would not be possible if Service Pack 2 had been in the market," said Gary Schare, a director in Microsoft's Windows client division."
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