Sunday, July 04, 2004

Ellison's defining moment | Perspectives | CNET

Ellison's defining moment | Perspectives | CNET "Capping his company's four-week trial against the Justice Department, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's masterful testimony on Thursday convincingly laid out the legal case for why Oracle should be allowed to be a cold-hearted acquirer.
For the most part, the cultural aspects of Oracle's hostile $7.7 billion bid for PeopleSoft have overshadowed the technical realities of the deal.
Oracle has earned a reputation for aggressive--some say ruthless--behavior. If it takes over PeopleSoft, it will fire most of the company's 8,000 employees. And official protestations notwithstanding, it's clear Oracle will compel PeopleSoft customers to go on a migration path they'd rather not take."

Reality check: the govt can say "no," but it's ultimately still a question of shareholders saying "yes" (assuming the govt undoes the "no" part)

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