Friday, July 02, 2004

CA to Open Source Ingres (revisited)

CA to Open Source Ingres (revisited): "Computer Associates will be open sourcing the 20-year-old Ingres database - the Linux version - under its own open source license based pretty much on the so-called Common Public License (CPL), which will let it charge handsomely for indemnification, maintenance and support.
[CA] and JBoss announced plans to create complete open source software for Java and high-performance relational storage. It'll consist of JBoss' J2EE app server, the JBoss Hibernate object-relational query service and Ingres.
The idea is to create a platform for building Java and J2EE applications that include persistence, cache, replication, transactional integrity and security.
On Linux, the widgetry will include the open source Oracle Cluster File Systems (OCFS) for enhanced performance.
The pair will build an open source driver to optimize integration between Hibernate and Ingres and indemnify joint customers. They'll co-market and CA will peddle the JBoss Professional Open Source Services directly as part of its Ingres support license so that JBoss handles JBoss support issues."

I had a briefing from the CA DBMS folks yesterday and have been checking my initial assumptions following CA's announcements about open-sourcing Ingres -- I now think it has some serious disruptive potential for the open source DBMS space.
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