Saturday, April 19, 2003

Open Source Reality Check

Open Source Reality Check "You may be of the opinion that open-source software does not need to compete directly with Microsoft or any other commercial software vendor. You may even think the open-source movement can survive on its own without any corporate influence. But the truth is, at this point in time there are very few major open-source projects that could continue to evolve at their current rate without some help from the for-profit sector -- if only indirectly. Many of the more talented Linux developers make their contributions to the operating system while collecting paychecks from RedHat, VA, TurboLinux, and others. MySQL and PostgreSQL developers work for Nusphere and Greatbridge, respectively. And developers of Apache, Perl and PHP are counting on getting their bread buttered by places like Covalent, ActiveState and Zend Technologies.
If any of these companies are to succeed, they will need to compete directly with a formidable and popular set of products from Microsoft: Windows 2000, Active Server Pages, SQL Server 7 and Internet Information Server, to name just a few."

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