Thursday, April 24, 2003

About Google's Eric Schmidt :: AO

About Google's Eric Schmidt :: AO "AlwaysOn: Was that the thinking behind your recent acquisition of Pyra Labs?
Schmidt: In this particular case, one of Google’s founders, Sergey, did a lot of research on who the leaders in this space were, with a special emphasis on tools and end-user experience, which is what Google is really very focused around. It became very obvious that Pyra Labs was the leader, and so we have a deal team, which simply went up and said “Would you like to do this?” It seemed pretty obvious. They met the technical team. It was a relatively routine decision. It was very consistent with how the world and Google all benefit with more information on the Web more broadly accessible, and this is a way to advance that.
AlwaysOn: But you bought blogging software and a blogging search engine with a million registered users, as far as I understand.
Schmidt: What we really bought was a team. With these little companies, the asset that you get is the knowledge in the people’s heads, and that’s what we care about. They will be enormously creative in the next few years."
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