Monday, April 21, 2003

InfoWorld: Same great weekly, brand new package

InfoWorld: Same great weekly, brand new package: April 18, 2003: By Kevin McKean "One sad note: To make room for this expanded coverage, InfoWorld won’t be able to carry all 13 columnists featured in the publication today. Tom Yager, Ephraim Schwartz, and Robert X. Cringely will continue to appear in the magazine. They’ll be joined by Test Center Lead Analyst Jon Udell, who already writes a popular online column and Weblog at Others, including Wayne Rash’s security column, Mario Apicella’s storage column, and Ed Foster’s Gripe Line (now reborn as a Weblog), will appear regularly online. Still other writers plan to self-publish their columns going forward. We urge you to sign up to receive them; details are in the individual columns this week."

InfoWorld follows eWeek and others in downsizing -- both in terms of form factor and in terms of staffing. Blogs are intended to fill the gaps, but I wonder how many people will still find the print option compelling when their favorite writers are accessible via blogs and RSS.

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