Friday, April 25, 2003

Business 2.0 - Web Article - Enriching the Browser

Business 2.0 - Web Article - Enriching the Browser "The World Wide Web is a usability disaster. Why, for example, must your browser load a new page every time you enter a few items in an online form? And why does a website lose track of what you're doing if you accidentally hit the "Back" button? It's because browsers send and retrieve data in batches, like a 1975 mainframe terminal, not like a modern, interactive software application. Think of the difference between using Outlook on your computer and using a Web-based e-mail reader like Yahoo Mail (YHOO) -- Outlook is more fluid, and the design allows you to do more and do it more quickly than you can with Yahoo's page-oriented interface."

(Laszlo picks up an influential fan.)
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