Friday, April 04, 2003

Microsoft Tackles Lucrative VoIP Market

Microsoft Tackles Lucrative VoIP Market "VoIP functionality in Windows CE .NET 4.2 will encompass three primary areas: a fully integrated, graphical telephony UI that third parties can extend, customize, or use as-is; a VoIP application interface layer that developers can leverage when creating applications and services that integrate with Microsoft Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Real-Time Communications (RTC) technologies; and a set of enterprise-ready integration services that support the Windows .NET Compact Framework and other related technologies such as IP Security (IPSec), 802.11a wireless, Active Directory (AD), and Kerberos, all of which corporations require to integrate new Windows CE .NET-based devices into their infrastructures. Microsoft will also integrate Windows CE 4.2's VoIP functionality with Greenwich, the RTC Server product that Microsoft will ship later this summer."
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