Wednesday, April 23, 2003

About the WM Player Blogging Power Toy

About the WM Player Blogging Power Toy "Available Tomorrow! Speaking of good things, one of them is the new Windows Media Player 9 Series Blogging Plug-In Power Toy. Yes, that's a mouthful. This new Power Toy was developed by Zach on our team for his blogging service for personal use. Basically he wanted to be able to append the name of the track and artist of the song he's listening to in WM Player 9 Series while posting. I asked him, "Why don't we open this up and make it compatible with more services?" And so the Player Blogging Power Toy was born. It's a Background plug-in so it won't have a UI other than to display the artist and album info in the title bar. Good news is that Marcelo Cabral, creator of w.bloggar has added some sweet support for the plug-in which means right out of the gate, it will be compatible with a wide range of blogging services. We've also written up some sample code that will be available in JScript, VB, and C/C++ for other clients to implement this feature in their own clients. Others are planning support, but I can't name names yet. ;)
So why are we doing this? Many of us recognize the passion inherent in the blogging community and want to foster that. No ulterior motives- we just think it's cool. There's even discussion of releasing the plug-in as a managed code sample for MSDN that others can build out. More news to come on that front."

Via -- didn't take long to answer my question in the post below...

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