Monday, June 10, 2019

Why Hadoop Failed and Where We Go from Here | Teradata blog

A Teradata take on Hadoop vendor missteps
"Rather than creating a market around evolving big data types, and helping enterprises learn to derive value from this new data, the Hadoop distros took a more short-sighted approach and positioned themselves as a cheaper alternative to the data warehouse. There was already recognition of the value of a data warehouse with commensurate budget behind it, so it was easy to say, “Hadoop is a cheaper and more flexible alternative to MPP databases.” This led to many failed engagements.

But the final nail for Hadoop was object storage. I hear most people saying “the cloud” was the undoing of Hadoop, and I worry about what people really mean when they say that. The cloud is just a deployment option – servers and software. There are some cloud databases that are entirely inappropriate for managing an enterprise’s core data in a way that promotes reuse and the elimination of silos. But one undeniable engineering innovation born in the cloud (and now available across multiple deployment options) is object storage. Object storage is what was great about Hadoop: cheap storage and support for flexible data types. But even better than Hadoop, object storage is 3X cheaper and it supports the kinds of data types needed for the age of Artificial Intelligence, such as audio, video, and image files."
Why Hadoop Failed and Where We Go from Here | Teradata blog

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