Friday, June 28, 2019

Bitcoin's Price Takes a Wild Roundtrip Ride | Fortune

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"Bitcoin’s rise was meteoric this week—and its decline has been just as swift.

It’s easy come, easy go in the crypto world, where a frenzy over Bitcoin pushed its price to nearly $14,000 on Wednesday, its highest level since January 2018. The largest digital asset then reversed course in a matter of minutes after a prominent cryptocurrency exchange reported an outage. The retreat accelerated Thursday and put the coin’s price back to nearly the same level as just five days ago.

The jump in prices brought back memories of the crypto bubble that burst at the end of 2017, when Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies—beset by regulatory setbacks and fraud-related issues—fell from grace. Bitcoin’s price, for instance, languished around $3,600 just six months ago, down from almost $20,500 in December 2017."
Bitcoin's Price Takes a Wild Roundtrip Ride | Fortune

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