Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Sunglasses that sound cool | Boston Globe

Maybe wait for version 1.1
"There’s just one problem. Like visual AR, Bose audio AR doesn’t work. At least, not yet. The few compatible apps that I tested were pretty much useless.

The biggest disappointment was Walc, a pedestrian navigation app that’s supposed to call out landmarks to help you find your way, using data from the Bose Frames to figure out what you’re looking at. Instead of saying “Turn left on Main Street,” Walc is supposed to say something like “Do you see the gas station on the corner of Fifth and Main? Turn left there.”

It’s a great idea. I wish it worked. But instead of singling out big, obvious landmarks like the corner drugstore, during a walk in downtown Boston Walc kept pointing out businesses and people who were nowhere to be seen — probably the upstairs occupants of various skyscrapers."
Sunglasses that sound cool | Boston Globe

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