Monday, June 24, 2019

Microsoft's next step toward embracing Android: Adding app support? | ZDNet

Microsoft may as well just license Chrome OS and make it an option to "Windows Lite," if the anticipated Courier-centric device is going to already run Chromium (as Edge++) and Android apps; tbd if the Microsoft hardware team is still subject to a heavy Windows strategy tax, if a significant percentage of Microsoft customers would prefer Chrome OS...
"As Google continues to come under fire over privacy and antitrust issues, Microsoft execs may think they have the opening they need to swoop in and be an Android steward. Old timers like me will remember the old "embrace,extend, extinguish" days at Microsoft. As much as Microsoft execs may believe they're in a good position to embrace and extend Android, hopefully they aren't of the deluded opinion that they also can extinguish the current Android platform by prying it from Google. But such a strategy might make Microsoft founder Bill Gates happy, given he recently said he considered Microsoft's loss to Android in the mobile space to be his worst mistake -- displacing his former stated worst product mistake (WinFS).

What do you think, readers? Will Microsoft go so far as to add support for Android apps to its next-generation Surface Centaurus devices? Will it try to go even further and create a separate Microsoft Android platform? These days, you can never say never. There's a Microsoft-built Linux kernel in Windows 10 now, so nothing's really off the table...."
Microsoft's next step toward embracing Android: Adding app support? | ZDNet

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