Monday, November 28, 2016

The Macintosh Endgame

Excerpt from a Jean-Louis Gassée perspective on the Mac as it approaches its 32nd anniversary

"I write this on a MacBook running on a 1.2GHz Intel processor. (It’s the best laptop I’ve ever owned, small, great "Retina" screen for my old eyes, light as a 12.9" iPad Pro and its cover.) My iPhone 7+, which I sometimes use as a cellular modem for my MacBook, runs on a 2.34 GHz A10 processor that is, in many respects, more muscular than my Macbook’s CPU.
This is becoming ridiculous and inevitably raises another version of the Mac vs. iPad question. In a fantasy world, Apple produces an Ax-based Mac. Easy enough as the company controls its silicon and software tools, and the organs that are common to iOS and MacOS already run on both ARM and Intel CPUs. But what would an Ax Mac mean in the real world, to software developers? The mind reels at the thought of yet another upheaval as developers rush to convert third-party Mac apps."
The Macintosh Endgame

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