Sunday, November 13, 2016

Breaking Up With Twitter - The New York Times

Lots of Twitter and Facebook scrutiny and conversation, following the U.S. election; also see this Mark Zuckerberg post from last night (with 11K comments as I type this)

"But what now? As a business, Twitter had not been having a good run before the presidential election reached its spectacular conclusion. New users aren’t joining the service and longtime denizens have been using it less. When Twitter tried to sell itself this fall, nobody wanted to buy it.

Both potential users and would-be acquirers seem turned off by its complexity, its ugliness (Twitter has become a haven for misogynists, racists and other trolls), and most deeply its apparent uselessness for people who aren’t clustered in the bubbles of tech, politics and media."
Breaking Up With Twitter - The New York Times

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