Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Here’s How Facebook Actually Won Trump the Presidency | WIRED

Don't add this to the #BlameFacebook list; the Trump campaign didn't need to waste much money on traditional media advertising because the mainstream media "news" channels were already freely giving the campaign ~$infinite coverage

"Mark Zuckerberg is trying hard to convince voters that Facebook had no nefarious role in this election. But according to President-elect Donald Trump’s digital director Brad Parscale, the social media giant was massively influential—not because it was tipping the scales with fake news, but because it helped generate the bulk of the campaign’s $250 million in online fundraising.

“Our biggest incubator that allowed us to generate that money was Facebook,” says Parscale, who has been working for the campaign since before Trump officially announced his candidacy last summer. Over the course of the election cycle, Trump’s campaign funneled $90 million to Parscale’s San Antonio-based firm, most of which went toward digital advertising. And Parscale says more of that ad money went to Facebook than to any other platform."
Here’s How Facebook Actually Won Trump the Presidency | WIRED

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