Monday, November 07, 2016

Signals of Editorial Quality (Monday Note)

A quest for quality content

"Despite this, I remain confident that the news industry will eventually deploy a robust quality-scoring system.
Furthermore, I bet the lead will come from large players such as Medium or even Google. Medium is actually best positioned to build a quality-scoring apparatus as it is both a public CMS, and has yet to find a model to monetize its vast content. In a likely application of the Pareto principle, Medium’s only way to make money is to monetize the 20% or so of its content to which a quality label can be affixed. 
As for Google, we have rumors that it is working on a CMS aimed at small/medium size sites, and we know it controls both ends of the ecosystem, from production tools to advertising. In this case, both Google and the publishing industry have aligned interests in capitalizing on quality."
Signals of Editorial Quality

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