Friday, February 27, 2015

Telecoms and society: The truly personal computer | The Economist

Excerpt from the latest Economist cover story, a survey of how "The smartphone is the defining technology of the age"
"By 2020, something like 80% of adults will own a smartphone connected to this remarkable global resource. If they are anything like today’s Europeans and Americans, who are leading in these matters, they will use them for about two hours a day; if they are like today’s European and American teenagers they will use them more than that. The idea that the natural place to find a computer is on a desk—let alone, before that, in a basement—will be long forgotten."
The related Leaders section article, Planet of the phones, notes
"THE dawn of the planet of the smartphones came in January 2007, when Steve Jobs, Apple’s chief executive, in front of a rapt audience of Apple acolytes, brandished a slab of plastic, metal and silicon not much bigger than a Kit Kat. “This will change everything,” he promised. For once there was no hyperbole. Just eight years later Apple’s iPhone exemplifies the early 21st century’s defining technology."
Telecoms and society: The truly personal computer | The Economist

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