Monday, February 16, 2015

Intelligent use of big data fuels CRM opportunities (SearchCRM)

First part of a two-part interview podcast on big data market dynamics (second part is here)

"With data coming from many different channels, organizations -- as well as the tools they use -- must get smarter and more efficient with data management. Organizations' customer data management efforts today involve harnessing big data to understand customer preferences and to augment product and service offerings.

Big data doesn't refer just to the massive volume of data but also to the variety of sources and formats it comes from -- such as social media, video and audio -- and the speed with which companies collect it.

In this podcast, independent consultant Peter O'Kelly defines big data and explains its broad applicability to CRM. The lower price of technology and the entrenchment of cloud, open source and other machine learning platforms have made it possible to work with data in ways that would've been too expensive or impossible 10 years ago, he said."
Intelligent use of big data fuels CRM opportunities

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