Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hands-on Review of New Flipboard for Desktop | Re/code

From a first look at the new Flipboard browser client option; see this Inside Flipboard post for more details, and Flipboard swims against the tide by launching a website (GigaOM) for another perspective
"Flipboard magazines were already addictive, but now this is especially true on the Web, where you have more space to look around and more time to read. A few dozen flips later and your habits backfire, surrounding you with virtual stacks of articles that you may never have time to read.

I recommend alleviating this burden by sharing Flipboard articles with social networks and friends, or creating a magazine to share with someone else.

If you’re a Flipboard user who, like me, has waited for years for this to come to the Web, I can say that you won’t be disappointed. For new users, I recommend adding this tab to your browser."
Hands-on Review of New Flipboard for Desktop | Re/code

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