Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cloudera Not Rushing to IPO | Re/code

Intel ($) inside... Meanwhile, still tbd if Amazon, Google, MapR, Microsoft, Oracle and other data/cloud leaders will join the gang-up-on-Cloudera Open Data Platform Initiative
"Cloudera founder and chief strategy officer Mike Olson put it simply in an interview with Re/code today: “We have no timeline for an IPO, period.” He declined to rule out whether Cloudera might complete its offering this year or wait until 2016. “We want to have the ability to do it when it makes sense,” he said.

A more likely motivation for the press release is a battle of optics between Cloudera and its primary rival, Hortonworks. Both are significant players in the business of selling and servicing Hadoop, open source software used for managing and analyzing huge troves of corporate data."
Cloudera Not Rushing to IPO | Re/code

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