Wednesday, February 18, 2015

IBM, G.E. and Others Create Big Data Alliance -

A big data "standards" power grab attempt? Also see Cloudera co-founder Mike Olson's post on "Cloudera has elected not to join, and I’d like to explain why" and Cloudera co-founder (and Hadoop creator) Doug Cutting's perspective, "Beware of Openwashing"
"On Tuesday, several companies involved in analyzing digital information announced a common set of standards for Hadoop, perhaps the most widespread framework for technology analysis.

The companies, including General Electric, Hortonworks, IBM, Pivotal and Verizon, said they would develop their products and services on a common core of Hadoop’s key components.

Common standards often follow early development of software and hardware. If more companies use the same stuff, it usually helps with things like learning and certification, application development, and new products."
IBM, G.E. and Others Create Big Data Alliance -

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