Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Do You Really Need Microsoft Office Anymore? - WSJ

Final paragraphs from a timely productivity app suite snapshot; I suspect many people will opt to use both Office (now more cost-effective as part of Office 365) and Google Docs/Drive (especially for collaborative endeavors with others who aren't using the latest Office apps)

"Buying Office 365 is like buying an overflowing tool set from Home Depot. You'll get more wrenches, ratchets, screwdrivers and pliers than you ever imagined, but how many will you really use?

At this point, the free options from Google, Apple and even Microsoft do just enough, which means paying only makes sense if you're shopping for cloud storage, too. That's where Office 365 adds up: Not only do you (and your spouse, your kids and maybe even your mom) get a terabyte of online storage but you get all the Office extras. If it's just you, though, a terabyte from Google will cost about the same.

Me, I'll keep bouncing between Google and Microsoft, but when the day comes—and it surely will—that cloud storage is free for everybody, how will Microsoft rationalize the high cost of Office? We'll always have the memories."
Do You Really Need Microsoft Office Anymore? - WSJ

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