Friday, March 23, 2012

OneNote for iPad: Ample Room for Improvement | Que

FYI an overview of my latest OneNote-focused article; the next article in the series will cover OneNote Mobile for Android
"As I explained in my earlier article "OneNote for iPad: A Hopeful Leading Indicator," Microsoft OneNote for iPad is a useful companion for OneNote 2010 (the full version of OneNote used on Windows PCs). OneNote for iPad can be helpful for viewing notes on an iPad, for example, or for capturing images in OneNote notes with the iPad's cameras (starting with the iPad 2). Overall, however, the application tacitly suggests that at least some Microsoft product planners consider the iPad more of a super-sized iPhone than a robustly useful personal computing/communications device, and that attitude is reflected in the application's frustratingly limited feature set.
The rest of this article provides a review of what I consider to be several shortcomings in the initial release of OneNote for iPad."
OneNote for iPad: Ample Room for Improvement | Que

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