Thursday, March 29, 2012

Free Wireless Broadband for the Masses - Technology Review

Some details from the second page of the article:
"Miller says FreedomPop will offer three mobile broadband devices at first. There will be a USB dongle for laptops, a Wi-Fi hotspot device that can connect up to 20 devices to the Web, and an iPhone case that will allow the smart phone to circumvent the user's wireless carrier and can also charge the phone and act as a hotspot for up to eight additional devices.
Users won't pay for the devices, but they will have to fork over a refundable deposit fee. Miller says this is meant to discourage abuse, such as people reselling a hotspot or iPhone case on eBay. While the devices will be sold primarily online, Miller says, they may be available at some brick-and-mortar stores as well."
'Free Wireless Broadband for the Masses - Technology Review

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