Saturday, March 31, 2012

One on One: Clay Johnson, Author of 'The Information Diet' -

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Clay Johnson, the former director of The Sunlight Foundation, a non-profit that uses data to promote transparency in government, discusses his new book, “The Information Diet”. He says consumers have to take responsibility for the type of information they consume, much like consumer must take responsibility for the foods they eat. He says we have to create a sustainable news movement, much like we’ve created a sustainable food movement. Here is an edited version of my interview which covers bias, data and why reading about Snooki is like smoking in public


So what are your doctor’s orders for information consumers?
Consume information locally. Consume information about your community and your family first. Be more concerned with your spouse than the President and his spouse. Or Snooki. Be literate and to up your game when it comes to data literacy. Understand that your information diet is consequential to others. Demand whole and sustainable news, not news that is based on sensationalized content and placed next to advertising.

One on One: Clay Johnson, Author of 'The Information Diet' -

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