Saturday, March 17, 2012

In Praise of Apple's iPad (the First One) - Businessweek

It would be fascinating to see how the original iPad evolved during the couple years when it was sidelined while Apple went to market with the iPhone first

On this, the momentous debut day of Apple’s new iPad, it’s time to reflect on another tablet that hit the market two years ago and, in some respects, is just as flashy and functional as the new ballyhooed version. It’s got the same size screen, about the same 1.5 lb. weight, runs the same operating system, and the same apps. It has no camera, and its processor is a little pokier, but really, if we’re honest, it does most of what you want in a tablet—and does it well. I’m talking of course about the original iPad.

The first iPad embodies something rare in technology gadgets: a pioneering product that got it pretty much right.

In Praise of Apple's iPad (the First One) - Businessweek

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