Saturday, January 28, 2012

When Twitter Blocks Tweets, It’s #Outrage -

A time for big Twitter decisions

Tim Wu, a professor at Columbia Law School and author of “The Master Switch,” said the changes could undermine the usefulness of Twitter in authoritarian countries.

“I don’t fault them for wanting to run a normal business,” he said. “It does suggest someone or something else needs to take Twitter’s place as a political tool.”

Professor Wu urged the company to use discretion: “Twitter needs to be careful not to be in a position where it’s no longer helpful to a rebellion against oppressive governments. It needs to remain its old self in some circumstances.”

When Twitter Blocks Tweets, It’s #Outrage -


Miki said...

twitter (as any other social network) is going to be used as a political tool, as a means of advertising and etc. The time doesn't stand still, whether we want it or not.

Unknown said...

I am with you, Miki.