Sunday, January 29, 2012

How Should Facebook Use $10 Billion in IPO Cash? - Forbes

I’d like to see Facebook make the Evernote team an offer it can’t refuse, and to then accelerate Evernote’s mission and momentum

So Facebook, if it wanted, could consider much bigger purchases. Last March, Facebook hired one of Google‘s corporate development specialists, Amin Zoufonoun, to  amp up its own deal-making team. Whatever Zoufonoun’s upper limit is right now on feasible deals, that barrier is about be elevated by a substantial amount.

Once Facebook’s IPO is completed, count on investment bankers to pitch Zoufonoun and Facebook’s top executives (including founder Mark Zuckerberg) on all the possible ways of spending some of that $10 billion. Did you know that Research in Motion Ltd., maker of BlackBerry phones, recently sported a market capitalization of just $8.8 billion — less than Facebook’s imminent cash stash? That doesn’t make RIM a sensible acquisition idea for Facebook. In fact, it’s probably a uniquely foolish one. But that won’t stop Wall Street from imagining deals that Facebook can do.

How Should Facebook Use $10 Billion in IPO Cash? - Forbes

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