Sunday, January 29, 2012

BlackBerry, Aiming to Avoid the Hall of Fallen Giants -

From a stark RIM reality check

RIM has two, maybe three ways forward.

The first — the one that Mr. Heins is clearly aiming for — is a triumphant comeback after a near-death experience. Think Apple and its iMac. RIM is on the verge of upgrading its PlayBook operating system — now with, among other things, e-mail, a feature that the original PlayBook bafflingly lacked — and will release the BlackBerry 10 OS this year.

Behind Door No. 2 is a gradual decline and diminution as rivals like Apple, Google and Microsoft devour most of the market; to some degree, they already have. BlackBerry would keep the scraps — a small but dedicated following of corporate and government customers who want its proprietary messaging and security features.

Then there is the third option: oblivion.

From Ups and downs of RIM’s stock (The Washington Post)

Ups and downs of RIM’s stock.

BlackBerry, Aiming to Avoid the Hall of Fallen Giants -

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Ted L. said...

wow looks like it jumped up really high in 2008!
Thank you for the interesting data, Peter!