Thursday, December 22, 2011

Video Chat Reshapes Domestic Rituals -

Truly transformational technology – it took a lot longer than many people expected, but we can now all be The Jetsons, at least in terms of video communication (but also see You Don’t Really Want a Robot Maid)

“We call it Skypanukkah,” Elliot said of the family’s second year of using the service’s video chat. “Being able to use Skype on a holiday allows me to basically build a memory with my family that I couldn’t have otherwise.”

Though Skype is now eight years old, the software — and others like it, including Apple’s FaceTime and Google chat — has become a regular fixture in a growing number of American homes, providing new ways for families to stay connected in an age where generations are less likely to gather around the table on Sunday afternoons to share a meal.

Video Chat Reshapes Domestic Rituals -

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