Thursday, December 22, 2011

Facebook's Goal: To Be a Blue Chip -

Excerpt from a Facebook IPO snapshot

Although Mr. Ebersman has played tough with Wall Street bankers, telling them he's skeptical about what they can contribute to an IPO, he's also communicated his interest in moving forward with a standard public offering, people familiar with the matter said. Facebook has little interest in taking a page from Google Inc.'s book, which did an electronic auction-style offering.

Even the CEO's trademark Adidas flip-flops are growing up. Mr. Zuckerberg, 27, has upgraded to Brooks running shoes and went so far as to wear a dark blue tie and sports coat when President Obama visited in April—a sartorial move he was once loathe to take for the many bankers, lawyers and CEOs he meets.

Facebook's Goal: To Be a Blue Chip -

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