Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Google Buys Clever Sense: An Answer To Siri? [Search Engine Land]

Check the post link below for more details, including a Clever Sense CEO video explaining, in part, how much his team likes working with … Windows Phone (as a Microsoft BizSpark participant); I’m guessing they may be starting an Android port soon [update: it must be a stale video; they already support iOS and Android, but I’m not seeing a Windows Phone version…]

As is being widely reported Google has bought startup Clever Sense, which earlier this year launched the local-mobile recommendations app Alfred. Alfred is like “Pandora for the real world” and was dedicated to creating a comprehensive “interest graph.” Clever Sense assigns or maps physical places to one another based on styles, characteristics and attributes in the same way that Pandora does for music. However this process is all done by “artificial intelligence.”

Google Buys Clever Sense: An Answer To Siri?

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