Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Blogger + Google+

Google begins to integrate Blogger and Google+ (note that I used Chrome and Amplify rather than IE and Windows Live Writer to capture this post, because the Blogger Buzz blog does not work in IE 9 -- you have to click through to see a "non-dynamic" version of the page, after viewing a suggestion to "upgrade your browser" to a list of alternatives... which includes IE; go figure)
Amplify’d from buzz.blogger.com
Back in October we made it possible for Blogger in Draft users to use their Google+ profile on their blog. This option is now available to all Blogger users, and as a result, we're starting to roll out the first of many Google+ features.

Starting today, if you have linked your blog to your Google+ account you will be presented with a prefilled Google+ share box immediately after publishing a post. The share box will contain a +snippet of your post that you can share with your circles on Google+.

See more at buzz.blogger.com

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