Friday, August 19, 2011

Why HP Wants Autonomy: Math Skills - Technology Review

Maybe HP will be able to use the Autonomy software itself, e.g., to help manage its board of directors activities and expense report tracking systems

Autonomy's products enable companies to do things like analyze transcripts from call centers; discover which sales strategies work best; and process troves of emails and other documents to match what is being said and done against a company's legal responsibilities. Such analysis can be automated using software that looks for certain things automatically, or performed manually by a person entering queries, and then sifting through the results themselves.

Andrews says business and technology companies are beginning to realize that both types of analysis could offer much more than conventional approaches, which rely on so-called "structured" data--such as a spreadsheet organized into labelled columns. "Business analytics is about structured data, like spreadsheets," says Andrews, "Autonomy does an exceptional job at analyzing unstructured data, which may prove even more valuable."

Why HP Wants Autonomy: Math Skills - Technology Review

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